We’re looking for a Director of Compliance Strategy. As Red Queen expands its services to include external evaluations of cybersecurity risk, we’re looking for someone with a creative mind who enjoys analogies and math at the same time. You’ll be working to help our clients get a quantifiable fix on their compliance risk in terms of security exposure. We’re open to CCEPs and if you show a desire to grow your career both in information security and compliance, we want to talk to you. Please contact us here.

We’re looking for a contract 3/4-time pen tester. Please be experienced with Nessus, at least 20% of the way into your OSCP, and have some concept of wireless as well as physical networks. We’re willing to learn and to train and there is an opportunity to convert to FTE if you’re passionate about startups and filled with joy at the idea that people will pay you to break into their stuff and tell them about it–nicely. Up to 80% remote/tele is feasible but you’ll need to come to the office some of the time–so you should be in a reasonable train ride’s distance from downtown Seattle. Please, be crazily dedicated to improving your craft and have zero contempt for normal humans who have different skills than you.┬áPlease contact us here.

We’re looking for a contract 1/2-time office administrator. This position will transition to FTE within six months and will be onsite. If you’re cheerful, capable, and an interesting human, you’ll enjoy working with this crew. Be flexible, have personal and reliable transportation (some of this position will involve courier and errand work), and be attentive to detail (no, really–that sounds like normal job description stuff, but detail is everything here).┬áPlease contact us here.